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 I know finding just the right therapy AND therapist can be time consuming and expensive!  I am here to help you!  As you may have noticed I offer an variety of therapies.  It can be confusing to know what would help your situation.  The good news is...you don't have to pick!  After a brief full body evaluation and together we will determine the best therapy to help your situation. It is common to use several different ones during your session.   Let me give just a brief overview of each service and what I would use each one for. Then you can click on those that interest you to read more about them. 


CranioSacral Therapy ~ is a light touch therapy that releases tension held in the central nervous system. It helps restore and flush the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  Clients who would benefit from this often complain of:

  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Sinus Issues
  • TMJ Pain
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Tinnitus

 This therapy requires a minimum of 60 minutes


Far Infrared Sauna is a type of sauna that uses "light" to help relax and detoxify the body.  The sauna emits infrared light waves that causes your body to heat from the inside - helping you to sweat much more effectively, so that you can release stored toxins. The great thing about this type of sauna is the light waves penetrate your skin but does not warm the air inside the sauna making it much more effective.  The health benefits are numerous but here are a few

  • Improves Appearance of Cellulite
  • Muscle Pain Relief
  • Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
  • Weight Loss & Increased Metabolism
  • Detoxification
  • Stress & Fatigue Reduction

This therapy requires a minimum of 30 minutes. **Please call or text me directly to schedule**


Fascial Counterstrain is a manual therapy technique used to release fascia that surrounds every muscle, organ, blood vessel and nerve in the body. It is safe to say that it runs throughout the entire body. Fascia is filled with millions of nerve endings which contract and become inflamed causing You pain.  The technique is very gentle and involved "shortening or putting on slack" the tight or inflamed muscle, organ or vessel so the body can release the contracture and go back to a relaxed position.  Stretching or strengthing an already constricted area only causes further dysfunction. This type of therapy works on EVERYTHING but some of the most common conditions are

  • Nerve Spasms
  • Numbness or Tingling in hands and feet
  • Sciatic Pain 
  • Neck Tightness
  • Sinus Issues

 This therapy requires a minimum of 90 minutes


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ~ is the BEST therapy for any inflammation or cognitive issue.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen in every cell of your body and brain. This helps fight bacteria, stimulates stem cells and regenerate tissue as your blood carries the oxygen throughtout your entire body.  This therapy simply involves laying in a pressurized chamber and breathing normally. As the pressure increases inside, the air you breath in through your lungs is absorbed into your bloodstream. It is the go-to therapy for brain health. Here are a few of the many benefits

  • Traumatic Brain injuries, Memory problems
  • Anxiety, Depression & Attention 
  • Lymes Disease
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Improves Skin Elasticity & Anti Aging

This therapy requires a minimum of 90 minutes  **Please call or text me directly to schedule**


Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) ~ is a comprehensive hands on treatment that benefits all types of patients.  It involves gentle manipulative techniques to promote tissue repair, normalize structure and restore function for all systems in the body (ie. bone, nerve, fascia, muscle, organ, lymph and circulatory systems). IMT treats such ailments as 

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Women's Health Needs
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Depression and many other problems!

 This therapy requires a minimum of 90 minutes


Ion Foot Detox  ~ is a detoxifying foot bath that helps to draw all the toxins out of your body.  It is an effective treatment for:

  • Joint Pain and Stiffness
  • Cleansing the Body of Excess Toxins like prescription medication, pollutants etc...
  • Feeling Lethargic or Lack of Energy
  • Poor Circulation

 This is a 45 min session


Jin Shin Jyutsu ~ is a powerful and effective treatment for EVERYTHING!  It is a light touch energetic therapy that gets "things moving" properly.  It is a series of hand placements along the meridians of the body much like Acupuncture.  I use this therapy for those clients who have:

  • Heart Palpitations
  • After Surgery
  • Pregnancy or those who are Fragile
  • Emotional Issues
  • Any Pain or Numbness

 This therapy requires a minimum of 60 minutes


Lymphatic Drainage ~ is an incredible technique used to drain excess lymphatic fluid from the body.  It is essential for people suffering from:

  • Any Body Swelling and Bloat
  • Cellulitis
  • Detoxification
  • Lymphedema
  • Pre and Post Plastic Surgery

The lymph system is located directly below the skin. Its job is to deliver nutrients to the body AND to remove dead cells, excess waste, toxins, viruses and bacteria.  

This therapy requires a minimum of 75 minutes


 Reflexology~ is a foot and hand therapy used to treat the entire body.  It may look somewhat like a hand and foot massage but both contain areas or zones that correspond with organs or systems of the body. By applying pressure to these areas it opens them up to allow improved function.  It is especially requested by clients who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Work on their feet all day
  • Poor Circulation in the Feet and Hands

This therapy requires a minimum of 60 minutes


Visceral Manipulation ~ is an incredible therapy that helps restore proper motion to the organs of your body.  Most people don't think their organs move but each one has its own particular motion.  When they aren't moving - they aren't function correctly.  Therefore, you have all sorts of pain and tension in various places throughout the body.  This is the first place I go when clients complain of:

  • Knee or Shoulder Pain
  • Acid Reflux
  • Digestive Issues
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Abdominal Surgery or C Section

This therapy requires a minimum of 60 minutes


Zero Balancing ~ is a therapy that is both structural and energetic.  It releases that achy pain that feels like it goes all the way to the bone.  It looks a lot like trigger point therapy and feels wonderful.  I use this for clients who:

  • Want to Feel More Centered
  • Have Structural Imbalances
  • Spinal Pain or Knots  

This therapy requires a minimum of 60 minutes


What's Next?

Your invited to call for a free introductory phone consultation 540-539-4551 or you can Schedule your appointment online.  When scheduling your first appointment please schedule a 90 min session. Pricing is also very affordable from $80 to $150.


I Look Forward to Serving YOU!


Donna Gironda IMT-C, CLT
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