Does this sound like you?

  • Joint Pain
  • Stress and Fatigue
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Poor circulation
  • Acne or skin conditions


Is your goal to finally get HEALTHY?

The OPTIMUM FOCUS foot detox sets up a type of osmosis condition, which drains out toxins within the body. When you first place your feet into the water and activate the OPTIMUM FOCUS machine, the water is clear.

By the end of the 35 minute bath, the water has changed in color due to the cellular waste & impurities present in the water. Impurities are pulled from the body, improving the body's natural resilience leaving it energized and balanced.  Regular use of the foot bath can achieve...

Cellular Cleansing  Anti-aging
Joint Pain Relief Boosted Immune System
Clearer Skin Complexion Weight Loss
Increased Circulation Reduced Stress and Fatigue
Reduces Swelling & Inflammation Improved Joint Mobility

The Foot Detox Activates your Body's Natural Elimination systems including Lymph System...AND MUCH MORE!


What Should I Expect from a Foot Bath?

Foot BathEach session is unique but some people report feeling elated, while others want to sleep. Some feel dizzy or nauseous (due to dehydration or heavy toxins in the body) while others feel energized.  Some experience leg & foot cramps (which is usually a lack of minerals in their system).  Still others report feeling a tingling or drawing sensation during the foot bath, it just depends on how sensitive a person is to their body.  All of these sensations are perfectly NORMAL. 


How Long are the Foot Baths?

Each sessions is 45 minutes. A Deep Cleanse Series consists of 14 foot baths suggested 3 times per week, then wait 21 days before beginning another cycle.


What do the Colors in the Water Mean?

More importantly is the oily and foamy substances found floating on the water, changes in the color of urine caused by the release of toxins and the stimulation & elimination of the lymphatic system. It has been reported by some foot bath makers that the colors found in the water indicate toxins found in different systems of the body.  These are listed for your information.


Color or Particle Material/Area of Body Being Detoxified
Black Liver
Black flecks Heavy Metal
Brown Lungs, Tobacco, Cellular Debris
Dark Green Gallbladder
Orange Joints
Red Flecks Blood Clot Material
Yellow-Green Kidneys, Bladder, Urinary Tract, Female/Prostate Area
White Foam Mucous From Lymph System

Why use a Copper Tub?

The use of a copper tub
acts as an additional conductor making the treatments more powerful. For years people have worn copper on the body for its healing properties.  A plastic tub is NOT a conductive material so as the energy comes out of the water module it dissipates making the treatment LESS effective. Why spend money on a foot bath that isn't very effective?


Should you Consider a Detoxifying Foot Bath?

If you feel sluggish, tired, have low energy, are on or have been on medications or are trying to lose weight without success you should consider starting a cleanse series.  You might even have allergies, skin conditions or sore/stiff joints-- this also indicates a need for detoxification.  Many of these and other ailments start because of a build up of toxins in the body.


How Often Should I Get One?

Because we live in a toxic world, as often as possible, but not more than 3 times a week.


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