Zero Balancing (or ZB for short) is the skill and art of balancing your energy with the physical structure or bone of your body through touch. It is simple, yet powerful and focuses on the whole person, even when addressing specific concerns.

It may be a…

  • stiff neck,
  • sore back,
  • tender areas or knots around your shoulder blades.

Essentially, the structural body and energy body work in concert with one another and with the world around us, yet they function independently of each other. The structural body is what you see and touch; bone, soft tissue and the body's organs. The energy body is the seen and unseen movement, which includes muscular movements, movement of tissue fluids, cellular and molecular vibrations, movement within the body fields and movement of your life force.

Zero Balancing integrates these two bodies so that they are functioning at their optimal levels to reduce and often alleviate both physical and emotional pain and trauma that you may be experiencing.

When structure and energy are balanced dysfunctional habits, such as emotional patterns and pain from trauma tend to release. In addition, you're able to function with relative ease and efficiency in your day-to-day life and better health is experienced.


Zero Balancing

Many who receive Zero Balancing say they have a sense of…

  • Fluidity
  • Integration
  • Increased mental focus
  • More clarity
  • Ease of movement
  • Improved balance
  • Physical pain is reduced or gone
  • They also comment that they have an overall sense of well being and are amazed at how much energy they have.


How is Zero Balancing Performed?

Your session begins with you fully clothed in a seated position, moving from there to a comfortable reclining position on your back. Using touch, I evaluate your energy fields and energy flow in these two positions and balances the structures as needed. We may focus on body, mind, spirit, or all three, depending on where the fields are disturbed or the energy is blocked. Throughout your Zero Balancing session, I pay special attention to the skeleton in particular because it contains the deepest and strongest currents.

What am I suppose to feel?

Everything in a ZB session is designed to promote maximum relaxation and a sense of well-being.  Some people describe experiencing "expanded awareness," others "tension melting away, " and , still others say it's like "I’m finally feeling balanced or centered". 


Whatever pain you’d like to address – I’m here to help!

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