Visceral ManipulationVisceral Manipulation enables the organs to regain there correct movement.  Through gentle and precise pressure in specific areas, I help the organs restore their proper movement and function.  You might not realize it but these very important organs all have their job to do - to keep you healthy!  If they are stuck - the body has to figure out how to compensate. It does this by "protecting" or "walling off" that weak area and finding a way to work around it.


Did you know that your organs are in constant motion?

For example, your kidneys can move about 4 inches during every deep breath. Your diaphragm moves 24,000 times a day. The liver is the largest digestive organ and 1.5 liters of blood pass through it every minute. When you breathe, when you walk, run and when you stretch all the organs in your chest and abdomen are moving. In fact every organ has a specific movement pattern and they all move together in harmony.


Have you ever had some sort of TRAUMA?

  • Car Accident
  • A Fall
  • Surgery
  • Infection
  • Emotional Upset

Wounds heal, the skin may have scars but the inside of our body retains the invisible memory of every trauma. These underlying tensions can and will resurface at any time. The first target area will be our "weakest link," our most sensitive spot. It can be the back, the knee, the shoulder or even our digestion. It's like our leak in the boat or our Achilles heel! If you've have ever had any of these traumas you can be sure it HAS affected your organs.


Did you know that your emotions are stored in the organs?

I'm sure you've heard or even said these before:

  • I have a gut feeling.
  • Stop your bellyaching.
  • That gave me goose bumps.
  • She wears her heart on her sleeve.
  • That left me breathless.

It may seem trivial but this is where it begins! Emotional reactions range from simple spasms in the gallbladder to heartburn, vomiting, feeling faint, ulcers, depression on to more serious diseases. Every organ has its favorite terrain. Following is just a few examples:

  • The liver is sensitive to everything pertaining to the unity of our being - self esteem, fear, anger or depression.
  • The spleen and pancreas are particularly vulnerable during intense emotional states such as an accidental death.
  • When affected by stress, the stomach, gallbladder, lungs and intestines can be subject to spasms, muscular cramps and burning sensations.


How do I know I need Visceral Manipulation?

The first step in determining if it is needed it through evaluating or listening to the body. This is done in a standing position at first, then laying clothed on the massage table.  It's best done before any symptoms or problems are revealed so not to influence the evaluation. I will be feeling the motion of the organs - How do they move? Do they have full range? Do they move in harmony with one another?  I then listen to your concerns - my low back hurts, my knees feel stiff, I have a headache, etc... It is through evaluating, listening and questioning that we determine the need for Visceral Manipulation.


What does Visceral Manipulation feel like?

You will feel pressure depending on which organ is being worked on. Sometimes the pressure is very light and other times it can be more noticeable but it will never be painful or intolerable.  You may be in a sitting, side lying or on your back during the treatment. 

Some clients have indicated it feels like butterflies in the stomach, others have said all they felt were my fingers and many others could definitely tell "something" was moving.  After the treatment many clients report they felt much better and had a general sense of "things working better."  Still others have said chronic pain has gone completely. 


How much do I need?

The goal in Visceral Manipulation is to "wake up a little something" according to Jean-Pierre Barral, a French Osteopath who is the founder of this wonderful technique.  It is important to not do too much at a time but at the same time be very specific in the treatment.  Keeping this in mind, it can be mixed with another treatment like Massage, CranioSacral or whatever is best for your body to regain its health. Therefore, a little is done in each session giving the body time to finish the work. It's best to schedule 45 minute sessions if doing this alone or 75 minutes if you are combining it with another modality.


What problems can be helped with Visceral Manipulation?

Any pain or dysfunction can be helped.  Since all trauma is stored in the organs, this is the first and best place to go to restore function.  It could be...

  • back, neck or abdominal pain
  • headaches
  • reflux
  • irritable bowel disease
  • infertility
  • incontinence
  • depression or anxiety
  • shortness of breath
  • knee pain


 It all begins here!

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